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Aim for the best score trying to complete as many faces as you can. The more complete the face is, the more points you get. If you clear all the faces from the board you will be rewarded with an extra life and bonus points.

Think fast, there’s no time to waste! Move the pieces quickly or you lose a life. Can you beat the high-score?

A game by Ilkke & bitsofbas

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quartet v1.2.rom 32 kB

Install instructions

This is a ROM file that has to be loaded into an MSX emulator or stored on a flash device for playing on original MSX hardware.


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I love this game!  My best score is 13210.  Is it good?

It is! I don't think many people can reach that score! My top is around 25.000, but I can't remember the exact number.

Here's a video of me doing 15.000 

But the highest that someone reported was over 50.000. The game goes back to 0 when you reach 50.000 and you get a star. This scared her and that's why she lost concentration :-)))

Here's a short video where you can see how the scoring works ( with stars every 50.000 points )

Well done! And thanks for your message, I enjoyed it!



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Thanks for the reply Bas!

Now I'll have to reach 50k and earn my star...lol.


¿final version?

The final version is for sale still: https://www.ebsoft.fr/shop/en/home/92-quartet.html

Awesome puzzle !